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.:Литературные зарисовки — The Singer of Dawn


Sing for the moment,
The singer of dawn,
For now you are here
And then you are gone,

Sing the song of fulfillment
And of the dreams that come true,
Sing, the most beautiful singer,
Sing just for me and for you.

Sing of the fields that are hidden in clouds
And sing of the rivers that flow to the sky,
Sing of this moment, my beautiful singer,
Sing of the moment when you are alive.

So dance in the wind
And bathe in the sun,
For now you are here
And the you are gone.

Sing of your life…
And sing of your death, that’s surely to come,
Sing of the future, and sing of this moment,
And sing of the past to which you’ll be gone.

Sing for the moment
The song of your dreams…
Sing while you live
And die while you sing