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.:Литературные зарисовки — Short story

О тексте

Проходим, значит, на уроке “Short Stories” рассказ Курта Воннегута “Гаррисон Бержерон” (“Garrison Bergeron). Потом нас заставили написать по этой же теме рассказик.

? вот перед вами мой первый опыт (малой художественной) прозы на английском языке

The year was 2081, and everybody was finally equal. Brian Kitt was walking slowly trying not to mind the one-hundred-pound bag around his waist. The thick glasses he was wearing turned the world around into a thick mess of dark shapes. He knew it took exactly one hundred steps from work to his house. He never saw the hole in the ground.

“Handicapper General’s Bulletin. April 14th, 2081.

In the case of Kitt vs. State the decision was passed as following:

- in order to ensure equality of all citizens, each citizen’s right leg is to be broken in two places.”

Brian Kitt was limping home. It now took him one hundred and fifty steps. He was happy.